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 Tessa Blanchard

Name: Tessa Blanchard
Born: July 26, 1995
From: Charlotte, North Carolina
Trained by: George South
Debut: June 13, 2014

Tessa Blanchard is an American professional wrestler currently signed to Impact Wrestling. In the past Blanchard has wrestled for WWE, GFW and Lucha Underground. Blanchard decided to start wrestling around late 2012 to early 2013. Blanchard trained with George South. She began her career on June 13, 2014 at Queens of Combat 2… (MORE)

 Latest T.V Results

Sami Callihan comes to the ring and calls Tessa out, she comes out and gets into the ring. He talks about their match at Slammiversary and that they won their match at Mash up tornament last week. They shake hands and then he smacks her on the bottom with his microphone. She reacts by giving him a magnum.

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 Latest Pay-Per-View Results

Sami Callihan defeated Tessa Blanchard at Slammiversary 2019. Sami picked up the win after Tessa mocks him and plants her with The Cactus Special to pickup the victory.

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Sacrifice 2020 Results
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Tessa Blanchard was interviewed by Jacobs backstage. She said no titles were on the line tonight but if Ace Austin beats her, she will give him a title shot. But she said if she wins, she would like to add X-Division Champion to her list.

Tessa Blanchard Vs. Ace Austin

Ace didn’t even have his gear ready. He was doing up his knee pads as the match started.

They did a test of strength and Ace pulled Tessa in like he was dancing with her. Then she slapped him and landed two dropkicks and a few more shots. Ace kicked out at two after a roll-up and then he took Tessa into the turnbuckle where he landed two knees.

Ace went up top and Tessa landed a forearm. He hit a back elbow and then he hit a hiptoss into the corner for a two count.

Ace hit a suplex, but Tessa kicked out before the referee counted to one. Then he landed a couple of kicks in the ropes. Blanchard landed some forearm shots and then Ace clubbed across Tessa’s back to send her down.

He pressed his knee across her head as he pushed down and then he flipped her over and landed a kick before a choke. He applied a single leg crab to Blanchard as she crawled to the bottom rope which finally happened.

They went outside and Ace landed a kick to Tessa from the apron before hand springing back into the ring. He was so proud of that kick.

Then he went back outside to brawl a bit. Blanchard took all the strikes and she came back with elbows and forearms before landing a boot. He got on the apron and he went up into a one-armed handstand that she kicked out from under him to send him smashing against the apron. She went back inside and went for a dive, but he hit her with a forearm.

Ace got her back in the ring and hit a neckbreaker for a two count. Tessa started selling like she does and she so good at it. Austin got an armlock on her. She was biting him to get free, but he cut her between the fingers with his playing card.

Blanchard fired back with chops and Ace went into the corner. Tessa landed a forearm and a Magnum from the second rope, but she didn’t get to a pin.

Blanchard got pumped up and hit a running rudo and she let out a primal scream. Then she hit a cutter and Austin rolled outside. Blanchard hit a suicide dive and then another and then she nailed the third. Then she let out another primal scream.

Ace countered a DDT into a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. Then hit a ushigoroshi for a two count. Blanchard countered into a tilt-a-whirl DDT for a two count.

Ace coutnered a buzzsaw DDT and sent Blanchard into the corner. Then he put her on top and got on the apron. He went running, but Blanchard avoided a kick. She jumped down right into a spinning kick for a two count. Ace went back to the top and he hit a springboard fameasser for a two count.

Blanchard was unable to close Austin out so she went back up top. She went for Magnum, but Ace caught her and sat her back on the top rope where he kicked her. Then Austin climbed up with her, but she fought him off with forearms.

Then she went for a buzzsaw DDT from the top rope — he landed on his feet. They went back up on top and then she just dropped and DESTROYED him across the top rope.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

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Hard To Kill 2020 Results
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Pre-show opening with a video package hyping Impact World Champion Sami Callihan vs. Tessa Blanchard.

Earlier today, Impact World Champion Sami Callihan shows up with the rest of oVe. We also see Tessa Blanchard enter the building.

Sami Callihan (c) vs. Tessa Blanchard For The IMPACT World Championship

Callihan drops Blanchard with The Pump Kick before the bell rings. Callihan hits The Cactus Special for a two count. Callihan blasts Blanchard with a knife-edge chop. Blanchard bites Callihan’s forehead. Blanchard drops Callihan with Magnum for a two count. Blanchard with forearm shivers. Blanchard ducks two clotheslines from Callihan. Blanchard with a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Blanchard with a SpringBoard Dropkick. Blanchard lands Two Suicide Dives. Callihan catches Blanchard in mid-air. Callihan goes for a PowerBomb, but Blanchard counters with a Hurricanrana on the floor. Blanchard with a SomerSault Senton to the outside.

Callihan drives Blanchard knee first into the steel guard rail. Callihan talks smack to Blanchard. Callihan blows his snot at Blanchard. Callihan takes a bow. Callihan repeatedly wraps the left leg of Blanchard around the steel ring post. Callihan starts punching the left knee of Blanchard. Blanchard kicks Callihan in the face. Blanchard is fighting from underneath. Callihan applies The Indian Death Lock. Callihan chops Blanchard in the back. Blanchard with forearm shivers. Callihan drops Blanchard with a forearm smash. Blanchard is displaying her fighting spirit. Callihan with a SitOut Knee Breaker for a two count. Callihan continues to attack the injured knee of Blanchard.

Callihan abuses the referee’s five count. Callihan goes for a running elbow drop, but Blanchard ducks out of the way. Blanchard with a Desperation Boot. Blanchard with a chop/forearm combination. Callihan slaps Blanchard in the face. Callihan dumps Blanchard out of the ring. Callihan goes for a PowerBomb, but Blanchard blocks it. Blanchard SuperKicks Callihan. Blanchard goes for a Flying Cannonball Senton, but Callihan counters with a PowerBomb through the table on the floor. Blanchard gets back in the ring at the count of nine. Blanchard is pissed. Chop/Forearm Exchange on the apron. Callihan rakes the eyes of Blanchard. Blanchard returns the favor. Callihan walks into a boot from Blanchard. Blanchard hits Magnum on the apron.

Blanchard and Callihan are trading back and forth shots. Callihan thrust kicks the left knee of Blanchard. Blanchard answers with a Samoan Drop. Callihan kicks Blanchard in the face. Blanchard with a Running Draping Magnum for a two count. Callihan connects with Get Out Of Here for a two count. Second Forearm Exchange. Callihan with a Snap German Suplex. Blanchard ducks a clothesline from Callihan. Blanchard drops Callihan with The Cutter for a two count. Callihan kicks Blanchard in the gut. Callihan with a SitOut PowerBomb for a two count. Callihan locks in The Stretch Muffler. Callihan transitions into The STF. Blanchard refuses to quit. Callihan starts bending Blanchard’s fingers. Blanchard puts her foot on the bottom rope to force the break.

Callihan spits at the referee. Callihan is trying to hit Blanchard with the impact world title. Blanchard low blows Callihan. Blanchard with The Flying Magnum for a two count. Blanchard applies The CrossFace. Cactus Special for a two count. Blanchard with a jackknife cover for a two count. Blanchard with forearm shivers. Callihan spits at Blanchard. Callihan gives Blanchard the middle finger. Blanchard tees off on Callihan. Callihan with a Pump Kick. Blanchard responds with The Canadian Destroyer. Blanchard follows that with Canadian Destroyer off the second rope. Blanchard plants Callihan with The Buzzsaw DDT to pick up the victory.

Winner: New IMPACT World Champion, Tessa Blanchard via Pinfall

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Bound For Glory 2019 Results
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Jake Crist vs Daga vs Tessa Blanchard vs Ace Austin vs Acey Romero in a Five Way Intergender Ladder Match For The IMPACT X-Division Championship

Daga and Austin with a Double Dropkick to Romero. Blanchard kicks Crist in the gut. Blanchard with forearm shivers. Blanchard drops Crist with a Cutter. Blanchard lands Two Suicide Dives. Crist counters with a Leaping Cutter on the floor. Daga slips over Austin’s back. Daga delivers his combination offense. Daga goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Austin lands back on his feet. Austin hits The Space Fly Tiger Drop. Romero runs through Daga. Romero dropkicks Daga. Daga kicks Romero in the chest. Daga dropkicks Romero. Daga with a Corkscrew Press. Blanchard and Daga engages in a tug of war over the ladder. Romero goes for a Corkscrew Tope, but Blanchard and Daga ducks out of the way. Blanchard and Daga drives the ladder into the midsection of Crist. Daga hits The CodeBreaker. Blanchard follows that with The BackStabber.

Romero clotheslines Blanchard. Daga goes for The Cutter, but Romero counters with The Pounce. Romero punches Austin. Romero rolls a large ladder into the ring. Crist throws a chair at Romero. Romero with a Running European Uppercut. Crist unloads a flurry of kicks. Crist scales the ladder. Austin with a Belly to Back Suplex off the ladder. Daga stops Austin in his tracks. Daga thrust kicks the midsection of Austin. Daga with a Leaping Double Foot Stomp. Daga goes for a PowerBomb, but Austin counters with a Hurricanrana. Austin with a forearm smash. Blanchard whips Austin into the turnbuckles. Blanchard hits The Draping Magnum. Blanchard with a SpringBoard Dropkick. Romero gets Blanchard on his shoulders. Romero hits The Samoan Drop.

Romero has the ladder teetering across the second rope. Daga with a Guillotine Leg Drop. Daga brings out a table from under the ring. Crist with a Baseball Slide Dropkick. Crist ascends to the top turnbuckle. Austin wedges a ladder into the corner. Blanchard and Daga goes for Stereo SuperPlex’s, but Romero counters with The Tower Of Doom. Romero catches Austin in mid-air. Romero PowerBombs Austin on the ladder. Crist with an Avalanche Cutter off the ladder. Austin knocks Blanchard and Daga off the ladder. Austin decks Daga with a back elbow smash. Daga responds with a Death Valley Driver.

Daga follows that with a Running Canadian Destroyer through the ladder. Austin lands a SomerSault Plancha. Romero climbs the ladder. Blanchard sends Romero crashing through the table on the outside. Dave Crist starts running interference. Madman Fulton pulls Blanchard off the ladder. Fulton slams Blanchard’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Blanchard goes for Magnum, but Fulton blocks it. Blanchard with a Hurricanrana that sends Fulton face first into the ladder. Blanchard and Crist are trading back and forth shots. Blanchard sends Crist crashing through two tables. Austin nails Blanchard with The Baton. Austin goes on to steal the victory.

Winner: New IMPACT X-Division Champion, Ace Austin

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iMPACT Wrestling Rebellion Results – April 28th, 2019
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Melissa Santos is in the interview area with Tessa Blanchard and tells her what Gail said about teaching Blanchard a lesson in respect. Blanchard is tired of hearing about that, she knows about respect and talks about her family’s achievement in pro wrestling. Blanchard says she respects what Kim has done, even before there was an evolution. All of that went away though when Kim cost her the Knockouts Title. Blanchard said Kim is going to learn a lesson regret. Tully Blanchard shows up and says he’ll be at ringside to watch her match and tells his daughter to continue walking her own legacy. “You beat Gail Kim,” Tully says before heading off.

Gail Kim vs. Tessa Blanchard

Blanchard and Kim go nose-to-nose almost immediately and talk some trash. Blanchard throws the first punch and swings away in the corner. Kim recovers and goes for the first pinfall, two. Blanchard with a hurricanrana, springboard dropkick sends Kim down to the floor. Blanchard with a suicide dive, sending Kim crashing into the barricade. Blanchard barks at Kim’s husband who is in the crowd.

Kim with a 619 using the ring post. Back in the ring, Kim hits running shoulder tackle in the corner, looks to do the figure-four using the ring post, but Blanchard kicks her away. Reset in the ring, Kim with a boot to the face, heads up to the top, gets her feet kicked out from under her, hits a big codebreaker, pin, two. Blanchard with a backbreaker, saito suplex, cover, two. Kim hasn’t been able to string a set of moves yet in this one. Blanchard with some taunting punches and kicks, sending her opponent into the corners.

Kim dazes Blanchard, looks for a crossbody, Blanchard moves and Kim goes out to the ring. Both women on the apron, swinging away on each other. Kim yanks Blanchard into the ring post, Kim then flops back to the floor Blanchard slides into the ring, Kim grabs her legs again and pulls off the figure-four on the ring post. Kim with a slap to the face, Blanchard shoots back some forearms. Kim yells “screw you!” and sends more forearms at her opponent. Running boot, Kim misses a second boot, heads to the top rope, crossbody hits, pin, two.

Kim looks for eat defeat, gets kicked out to the ramp. Blanchard follows, back and forth attacks. Blanchard looks for a suplex on the ramp, no, Kim kicks her away, Blanchard lifts and launches Kim off the ramp and down to the floor. Blanchard looks for the buzzsaw, no, slingshot vertical suplex, no, Kim lands eat defeat! Cover, 1-2-no! Kim heads to the top, Blanchard stops that, goes up, Kim looks for a dragon sleeper, Blanchard bites her arm.Blanchard gorilla presses Kim off the top. Blanchard hits magnum, cover, 2! Blanchard with a neck submission, but Kim gets a foot on the rope. Blanchard rolls back to the middle of the rope and Kim taps out.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

Post-match, Blanchard goes out and hugs her Dad. He says to go back in and shake Kim’s hand. Blanchard goes in, looking like she’ll beat up Kim so more, but they shake hands. Kim gives her a hug, says some words to her, and Blanchard cries. Blanchard raises up Kim’s hand and heads to the back. Crowd with a “Thank You, Gail!” chant as she celebrates a little bit before heading to the back.

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iMPACT Homecoming Results – January 6th, 2019
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Knockouts Title: Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie

Tessa is defending Gail Kim is guest referee. An early toss doesn’t get Tessa very far as she charges into a boot in the corner and there’s a double stomp to keep the champ in trouble. A knee to the face sends Tessa outside but she whips Taya into the barricade. Tessa adds a dropkick to drive her into the barricade and we hit the seated armbar back inside. Taya’s neck is bent around the ropes and Gail has to yell at Tessa to break it up. A heck of a clothesline out of the corner puts Tessa in trouble and a straitjacket suplex gives Taya two.

The double knees in the corner get two more and Taya reverses the Buzzsaw DDT into a northern lights suplex. They’re showcasing Taya being equally strong here, which isn’t something Tessa is used to. Taya misses a moonsault and there’s a spear. Tessa can’t believe the kickout and accidentally runs Gail over. The Buzzsaw DDT connects for no cover as Gail is still down.

Tessa grabs the title for the tug of war with Gail, who accidentally hits Taya in the head with the belt. That’s good for two so Tessa shoves Gail in not the brightest move. Gail shoves her into a rollup for two and they seem to botch the setup for a Codebreaker out of the corner. Therefore they do it again with the Codebreaker connecting the second time around. Gail counts two so Tessa drives her into the corner. That’s enough for Gail, who hits Eat Defeat to set up the Road To Valhalla to make Taya champion at 10:36.

Winner & new Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie

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Bound For Glory 2018 Results
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Earlier today, Tessa Blanchard was caught by McKenszie Mitchell coming into the building. Blanchard said tonight is her night and she is true wrestling royalty. She said is the greatest and the title proves it. She said diamonds are forever and so is Tessa holding the Knockouts Championship.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie.

They locked up and Tessa began working over her arm. Taya nailed a head scissior takedown and drilled Tessa with a kick in the gut. They fired back and forth with big shots in the corners. Tessa rebounded off the ropes but was speared by Taya and rolled to the outside. Taya went to the top for a moonsault to the floor but Tessa nailed her and hit a neckbreaker off the ropes to the floor. Tessa brought her back into the ring but was immediately kicked off during a charge. Tessa nailed her and knocked her off the ropes for a two count Tessa began working over the challenger, choking her against the ropes. She nailed a nice leaping kick to the back.

They grappled back and forth until Taya nailed a back suplex. Taya nailed a hip attack in the corner. Taya nailed a double knee strike. Taya is yelling a lot in Spanish and that’s getting very over with the crowd live. They battled on the top. Taya nailed a big superplex and turned her over into a guillotine choke. Blanchard fought to her feet and charged Taya into the corner, then nailed a Northern Lights suplex. Hiroshi Hase would be proud.

They battled back and forth with hard uppercuts and forearms. Taya nailed a TKO variation for a two count. They continued battling until Tessa nailed a cutter. Tessa came off the ropes but was caught and hit a chokeslam, which looked painful. Taya scored with a moonsault off the ropes but the Champion kicked out at two. Taya cinched in an armbar submission. She turned Blanchard into a bow and arrow and drilled her down with a curb stomp. She tied up Tessa in another submission as her arms flailed for the ropes, finally making it and forcing the break. Taya nailed her with the Implant Buster but Tessa got up at the last second. The timing was wonky with the count and the crowd knew it.

Taya sent her into the buckles but the Champ sidestepped her and sent her into the ringpost shoulder-first. Tessa caught her staggering out of the corner with a DDT but Taya kicked up at the last second, which shocked the crowd. They battled back into the corner. Taya went for a powerbomb but Blanchard hit a rana, sending her into the buckles. Tessa flew off the top and came down with an inverted Codebreaker and scored the pin.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard!

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Impact Wrestling Results – August 9th, 2018
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Alisha Edwards vs Tessa Blanchard

Tessa works Alisha over to start and easily press slams her, puts the boots to her in the corner, and hits a series of short clotheslines. Alisha gets a crucifix for 2, but then Tessa takes her head off with a superkick. Tessa maintains her advantage for a while, but Alisha avoids the diving forearm and Tessa crashes into the ropes. Alisha with a snap flatliner, but is too worn out to make a cover. Alisha mounts a fiery babyface comeback, and hits a twisting DDT for 2. Alisha goes for a slingshot something, but Tessa counters to a spinebuster and then finishes with the hammerlock DDT.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

Tessa gets a mic after the match and calls Allie out, telling her that she may have everyone else fooled, but not her, because she knows what Allie’s intentions are, and the only thing she cares about is helping herself and the Knockouts Title. Next week, if she’s going after Su Yung and the Knockouts Title, then she’s coming after her too.

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iMPACT Redemption Results – April 22nd, 2018
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Taya Valkyrie vs. Kiera Hogan

Valkyrie is called Lucha Royalty as she comes out. Hogan comes out next. The match is being billed as Fire vs. Ice. Matthews talks how this is Hogan’s first PPV match and they discuss whether it’s going to play into the match.

Valkyrie pats Hogan on the head and shoves Hogan down. Hogan hits a rana from the corner, then knocks Valkyrie out of the ring.

Tessa Blanchard joins Matthews and Callis on commentary and says she will be seen on Thursdays. The match basically becomes an interview between Matthews, Callis, and Blanchard while Valkyrie takes control of Hogan.

Hogan hits Valkyrie, gets caught, and slams Hogan to the mat for a two count. Blanchard talks about her legacy in wrestling and criticizes Valkyrie for calling herself “Lucha Royalty.” Valkyrie nails Hogan with a kick but gets only a two. Hogan and Valkyrie trade shots but Valkyrie hits Hogan with a slam and sells an injury. Hogan gets a cover on Valkyrie but only a two.

Blanchard says she’s going after the Impact Knockouts Championship and says she’s earned it. Hogan gets another two count while Blanchard and Matthews argue. Valkyrie hits a side suplex but only a two. Valkyrie eventually hits Road to Valhalla and pins Hogan.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie

Callis suggests Blanchard was scouting Valkyrie/Hogan for the future.

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