iMPACT Wrestling Results – April 7th, 2020
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Backstage, Impact Wrestling Champion Tessa Blanchard told Eddie Edwards last week she didn’t want his help but he still came out. He said that he knows but he knows what it’s been like to be on the wrong end of the numbers game. but perhaps he should have left her alone because he’d see how she did when she’s in a two on one situation like she’ll be at Rebellion against Eddie and Michael Elgin. He said that he’s been the one who didn’t want help in the past but sometimes, you have to take it. They have a chance to win the Impact Tag Team titles tonight. He is offering his hand and it’s her choice as to whether she wants to take it. He walks off as Tessa considers his words.

iMPACT Tag Team Champions The North vs. iMPACT Wrestling Champion Tessa Blanchard & Eddie Edwards

Early on Tessa and Eddie maintain control on Josh Alexander. He takes down Blanchard and plays to the crowd. Tessa catches him with a tiltowhirl head scissors. Tessa went for a tornado DDT off the ropes but is blocked. She attempts to clothesline him over the top twice but fails. He shoved her down, which only pissed off Tessa and she finally clotheslined him over the top to the floor with a lot of fire. She went for a dive but Ethan Page distracted her long enough for Alexander to return to the ring and attack the champ from behind.

Alexander knocked Edwards off the apron and worked over Tessa. She escaped and Edwards tagged himself in and nailed Alexander with Kobashi chops in the corner. Page tried to intercede but ate the chops as well. Edwards controlled the champions with clotheslines and suplex throws.

Alexander cut him off and sent Eddie into the ropes. Eddie faked out and tossed Alexander to the floor, then hit a great dive. Tessa tagged herself in and nailed a bodypress to the floor on the North as they went to commercial.

When they returned, Blanchard continued working over Alexander. She and Eddie began double-teaming him. The North were able to regain control and worked over Edwards for some time. He nailed a rana and made the hot tag to Tessa. She dove into the ring with a bodypress on The North, then hit a rana on Page. She nailed a dive on Alexander and a Cutter on Page for a two count. The North swarmed her but Tessa battled them off. Alexander nailed a wheelbarrow suplex but Tessa kicked up.

The Champs went for a double suplex but Edwards saved her and helped Tessa land on her feet. Everyone battled and they went into a fast series of big moves. Everyone was down. Tessa peppered Alexander with rapid-fire forearms. Edwards lariated Alexander. Tessa nailed a Code Red on Alexander for a close two count. She came off the top for The Magum but Josh caught her and rammed her into the buckles. The North nailed Tessa with the T-Bird. Edwards made the save.

They all battled. Tessa nailed a Samoan Drop on Page. Tessa nailed a tiltowhirl DDT for a close two count on Alexander. Edwards offered to make the tag but she didn’t take it. That allows the North to wipe Edwards and Blanchard out and Page pinned Blanchard. The story was that when the moment came where Tessa needed help, she blew it off to prove she didn’t need it and it cost them the titles.

Winners: The North

After the match, they argued. Blanchard said that she knows what he really wants. The announcers put over that Blanchard was being paranoid. Edwards walked out on Blanchard. Michael Elgin attacked her from behind as Eddie stood there and watched, this time choosing not to help her since she didn’t want help last time. Elgin holds up the title over Blanchard’s prone body.

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