iMPACT Wrestling Results – March 10th, 2020
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Tessa Blanchard tells Gabby Loren that she will be watching Michael Elgin and Eddie Edwards’ final best of five series match closely.

Michael Elgin vs. Eddie Edwards (Best of Five Series – Final Match)

Elgin slams Edwards down on the mat, then grabs him and sends him towards the turnbuckle face-first. Elgin lands multiple forearm strikes. Edwards counters. Edwards is sitting on the top rope. Elgin climbs up to the second rope and tries to position Edwards for a powerbomb. Edwards counters. Elgin finally grabs hold and lands the powerbomb on Edwards. Their match will continue after the break.

After the break, Edward closes in with an elbow. Elgin sends Edwards flying over the top rope. Edwards climbs back into the ring and flips over the top rope, sending Elgin down on the outside. Elgin and Edwards are back in the ring. Elgin with a DDT, covers Edwards, who kicks out at 2.

Back from the final break, Edwards and Elgin exchange forearms in the middle of the ring. Neither man is able to knock the other one down. Edwards breaks the back-and-forth bout with a belly-to-belly suplex, followed by another one. Edwards positions Elgin in the backpack stunner position and successfully plants it. Elgin gets up and lands a tiger suplex. Elgin sends Edwards flying with a dragon suplex off the top rope. Elgin with the cover, Edwards kicks out at 2. Edwards lands on his feet after a German suplex. Edwards with a power driver, followed by a tiger driver. Edwards covers, Elgin kicks out at 2. Elgin sends Edwards crashing with an Elgin Bomb. Elgin covers, Edwards kicks out at 2 and it surprises Elgin. Elgin accidentally clotheslines the referee. Edwards lands the Boston Knee Party. Another referee makes his way down to the ring to count the pin, Elgin kicks out at 2. Elgin locks in a cross-face. Edwards pins Elgin, but the other referee saw Edwards tap out of the pin. A third official and Scott D’Amore make their way down to the ring to figure out what just happened.

Blanchard comes out with a microphone. She says that at Rebellion, she’ll face both Elgin and Edwards in a triple threat match for the Impact World Championship!

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