iMPACT Wrestling Results – November 19th, 2019
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Number One Contender’s Elimination Match: Moose Vs. Daga Vs. Tessa Blanchard Vs. Michael Elgin Vs. Rich Swann Vs. Brian Cage

Moose and Daga start the match. Moose surprises Daga with a Spear for the pinfall. Daga has been eliminated

Rich Swann is up next. Moose is in complete control of Swann. Moose tries the Spear but Swann reverses it into a crucifix into a prawn hold for the pinfall. Moose has been eliminated

Michael Elgin is next. Swann reverses After a hard-hitting match, Elgin gets disqualified after pushing the referee. Elgin has been eliminated

Swann is bleeding from his mouth and nose. Elgin attacks Swann after being disqualified. a bunch of referees hit the ring to stop Elgin. Swann cannot continue. Rich Swann has been eliminated

Tessa Blanchard and Brian Cage. Blanchard is all over Cage. Blanchard escapes the Drill Claw and hits the Buzzsaw DDT. Cage manages to kick out. Cage tries to powerbomb Blanchard off the top rope. Blanchard counters the powerbomb into a ranna. Blanchard hits Magnum. Cage kicks out. Cage sets up Weapon X. Blanchard reverses it into a sunset flip for the win!

Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Tessa Blanchard

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November 20th, 2019

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