iMPACT Wrestling Results – November 5th, 2019
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In-Ring Segment: Sami Callihan & OVE

Callihan gloats over winning the IMPACT Championship. Tommy Dreamer interrupts. Dreamer chastizes Callihan for being a bully. Dreamer says they should have a hardcore celebration. Daga, Swann, and Tessa Blanchard all join Dreamer. A brawl breaks out.

OVE Vs Tommy Dreamer, Rich Swann, Daga & Tessa Blanchard

Blanchard holds a chair in front of Jake Crist’s face as Dreamer lands a dropkick. Dreamer tries to DDT Fulton but Fulton claw slams him. Fulton hits his version of the End of Days Daga hits the ring and DDT Fulton. Top rope missile dropkick by Daga. Fulton falls out of the ring. Callihan dumps Daga over the top. Swann surprises Callihan with a ranna. Callihan sends Swann out of the ring. Callihan backs into Blanchard. Blanchard destroys Callihan with a cutter. Blanchard dives off the top and hits a senton to the outside. Tower of doom by Blanchard. Daga flattens most of oVe with a corkscrew splash to the outside. Swann takes out Jake and Callihan with a handspring double cutter. Callihan tries to piledrive Swann, but Swann reverses it into a rollup for the win!

Winners: Tommy Dreamer, Rich Swann, Daga, and Tessa Blanchard

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