Bound For Glory 2019 Results
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Jake Crist vs Daga vs Tessa Blanchard vs Ace Austin vs Acey Romero in a Five Way Intergender Ladder Match For The IMPACT X-Division Championship

Daga and Austin with a Double Dropkick to Romero. Blanchard kicks Crist in the gut. Blanchard with forearm shivers. Blanchard drops Crist with a Cutter. Blanchard lands Two Suicide Dives. Crist counters with a Leaping Cutter on the floor. Daga slips over Austin’s back. Daga delivers his combination offense. Daga goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Austin lands back on his feet. Austin hits The Space Fly Tiger Drop. Romero runs through Daga. Romero dropkicks Daga. Daga kicks Romero in the chest. Daga dropkicks Romero. Daga with a Corkscrew Press. Blanchard and Daga engages in a tug of war over the ladder. Romero goes for a Corkscrew Tope, but Blanchard and Daga ducks out of the way. Blanchard and Daga drives the ladder into the midsection of Crist. Daga hits The CodeBreaker. Blanchard follows that with The BackStabber.

Romero clotheslines Blanchard. Daga goes for The Cutter, but Romero counters with The Pounce. Romero punches Austin. Romero rolls a large ladder into the ring. Crist throws a chair at Romero. Romero with a Running European Uppercut. Crist unloads a flurry of kicks. Crist scales the ladder. Austin with a Belly to Back Suplex off the ladder. Daga stops Austin in his tracks. Daga thrust kicks the midsection of Austin. Daga with a Leaping Double Foot Stomp. Daga goes for a PowerBomb, but Austin counters with a Hurricanrana. Austin with a forearm smash. Blanchard whips Austin into the turnbuckles. Blanchard hits The Draping Magnum. Blanchard with a SpringBoard Dropkick. Romero gets Blanchard on his shoulders. Romero hits The Samoan Drop.

Romero has the ladder teetering across the second rope. Daga with a Guillotine Leg Drop. Daga brings out a table from under the ring. Crist with a Baseball Slide Dropkick. Crist ascends to the top turnbuckle. Austin wedges a ladder into the corner. Blanchard and Daga goes for Stereo SuperPlex’s, but Romero counters with The Tower Of Doom. Romero catches Austin in mid-air. Romero PowerBombs Austin on the ladder. Crist with an Avalanche Cutter off the ladder. Austin knocks Blanchard and Daga off the ladder. Austin decks Daga with a back elbow smash. Daga responds with a Death Valley Driver.

Daga follows that with a Running Canadian Destroyer through the ladder. Austin lands a SomerSault Plancha. Romero climbs the ladder. Blanchard sends Romero crashing through the table on the outside. Dave Crist starts running interference. Madman Fulton pulls Blanchard off the ladder. Fulton slams Blanchard’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Blanchard goes for Magnum, but Fulton blocks it. Blanchard with a Hurricanrana that sends Fulton face first into the ladder. Blanchard and Crist are trading back and forth shots. Blanchard sends Crist crashing through two tables. Austin nails Blanchard with The Baton. Austin goes on to steal the victory.

Winner: New IMPACT X-Division Champion, Ace Austin

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October 21st, 2019

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