iMPACT Wrestling Results – July 19th, 2019
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Sami Callihan & Tessa Blanchard vs. Dave Crist & Trey Miguel in a First Round Match In The Mash Up Tournament

Callihan argues with Blanchard before the bell rings. Callihan and Crist will start things off. Loud we want Tessa chants. Callihan hits The Finger Poke Of Doom for a two count. Miguel mocks Callihan. Crist tags in Miguel. Miguel calls himself the draw. Crist shoves Blanchard. Miguel and Blanchard with Stereo SuperKicks. Miguel with rapid fire haymakers. Blanchard with a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Miguel follows that with a Lucha Libre Arm-Drag. Miguel dropkicks Callihan. Miguel lands The Suicide Dive. Callihan attacks Miguel from behind. Miguel with a SomerSault Plancha. Callihan rakes the eyes of Miguel. Callihan unloads three knife edge chops. Miguel SuperKicks Callihan. Miguel thinks he’s a member of oVe. Callihan gives Miguel a taste of his own medicine. Following a snap mare takeover, Callihan kicks Miguel in the back. Callihan gives Blanchard the middle finger.

Callihan drops Miguel with a forearm smash. Callihan punches Miguel in the back. Miguel with a waist lock go-behind. Miguel ducks a clothesline from Callihan. Miguel with a schoolboy rollup for a two count. Miguel with a Pele Kick. Miguel goes for The Tornado DDT, but Callihan counters with an Inside Out Lariat. Blanchard tags herself in. Callihan bodyslams Blanchard on top of Miguel for a two count. Miguel with a short-arm reversal. Blanchard sends Miguel to the middle rope. Blanchard with a running elbow smash. Callihan tags himself in. Callihan tells Blanchard to get out of the ring. This time Blanchard bodyslams Callihan on top of Miguel. Callihan drives Miguel face first into the top turnbuckle pad. Callihan puts Miguel on the top turnbuckle. Miguel with a back door escape. Callihan transitions into a corner mount. Miguel drills Callihan with The Cheeky Nando’s Kick. Miguel follows that with The 619.

Callihan avoids The Flying Double Foot Stomp. Miguel starts favoring his right knee. Blanchard and Crist are tagged in. Blanchard with forearm shivers. Blanchard hits The Cutter. Crist responds with a Big Boot. Blanchard takes out the legs of Crist. Blanchard with a Draping CodeBreaker for a two count. Crist negates Magnum. Crist with an Modified Ushigoroshi. Crist tags in Miguel. Miguel barks orders at Crist. Blanchard starts swinging at everything that moves. Crist with a Swinging FlatLiner. Miguel hooks the leg for a two count. Blanchard with a jack knife cover for a two count. Blanchard drops Miguel with a Tilt-A-Whirl DDT. Blanchard tags in Callihan. Callihan spits at Miguel. Miguel answers with a Pump Kick. Callihan negates The Spike PileDriver. Blanchard tags herself in. Blanchard connects with Magnum. Callihan plants Miguel with The Spike PileDriver to pickup the victory.

Winner: Sami Callihan & Tessa Blanchard via Pinfall

Sami Callihan & Tessa Blanchard vs. Eddie Edwards & Moose vs. Jake Crist & Zachary Wentz vs. Michael Elgin & Willie Mack in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match In The Finals Of The Mashup Tournament

Callihan bickers with Blanchard before the bell rings. Edwards with an elbow knockdown. Edwards unloads three knife edge chops. Callihan kicks Edwards in the gut. Moose tags himself in. Moose kicks Callihan in the face. Moose Jabs. Moose mocks Callihan. Callihan delivers The Groin Claw. Moose answers with an eye poke. Moose drops Callihan with a DDT. Moose nips up. Moose with a heavy chop. Moose tags in Edwards. Edwards with two jabs. Edwards HeadButts Callihan. Edwards and Callihan are trading back and forth shots. Edwards drives his knee into the midsection of Callihan. Edwards tells Callihan to bring it. Elgin tags himself in. Edwards knocks Callihan off the apron. Knife Edge Chop Exchange. Edwards ducks a clothesline from Elgin. Edwards lands The Suicide Dive. Anarchy in The Don Kolov Arena.

Blanchard with a forearm smash to Wentz. Elgin rolls Edwards back into the ring. Edwards sends Elgin tumbling to the floor. Moose stops Edwards in his tracks. Moose PowerBombs into the calvary on the outside. Elgin with a DeadLift German Suplex. Edwards is throwing forearms at Elgin. Elgin with a discus forearm smash. Edwards answers with a Big Boot. Elgin SuperKicks Edwards. Elgin with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Mack delivers The Pounce. Mack lands a SomerSault Plancha. Elgin nails Edwards with a Spinning Back Fist. Elgin BuckleBombs Edwards. Elgin connects with The Elgin Bomb. Edwards and Moose has been eliminated. Elgin blocks a boot from Wentz. Elgin clotheslines Wentz. Wentz with a Jumping Knee Strike. Wentz goes for a SuperKick, but Elgin counters with a knife edge chop. Wentz with a SpringBoard Corkscrew Body Press. Elgin PowerSlams Wentz. Mack bodyslams Crist. Mack goes for a Standing MoonSault, but Crist gets his knees up in the air. Crist tags in Callihan.

Callihan transitions into a ground and pound attack. Callihan rakes the eyes of Mack. Callihan with a leg drop. Callihan stomps on Mack’s chest. Callihan applies a rear chin lock. Mack gets back to a vertical base. Callihan slaps the back of Mack’s neck. Mack hits The Samoan Drop. Mack follows that with a Standing MoonSault for a two count. Elgin clears the ring. Blanchard gets in Elgin’s face. Callihan shoves down Blanchard. Elgin with a big haymaker. Elgin drops Mack with a Lethal Lariat. Elgin heads to the backstage area. Callihan drills Mack with The Spike PileDriver. Elgin and Mack has been eliminated. Forearm/Stereo SuperKick Exchange. Wentz with a SpringBoard Cutter. Blanchard responds with The Buzzsaw DDT. Crist with The RoundHouse Kick. Crist with a Running Death Valley Driver for a two count. Crist is pissed. Callihan goes for The Finger Poke Of Doom, but Crist counters with a small package. Callihan and Crist are trading back and forth shots. Blanchard tags himself in. Callihan connects with The Spike PileDriver. Blanchard plants Crist with Magnum to pickup the victory.

Winner: Sami Callihan & Tessa Blanchard

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