iMPACT Wrestling Results – July 5th, 2019
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Tessa Blanchard shows up to the venue and gets out of the car with a baseball bat. It’s about to get serious, as she looks pissed over how things went down last week.

Sami Callihan is with Jake Crist eating somewhere outside the building. He’s celebrating the win over Tessa Blanchard early. Jake wonders what’s taking Dave so long. Sami explains he told Dave to go put on a movie (The Little Mermaid) in the basement for Fulton. Suddenly, Dave goes flying across the screen and over their food. oVe turn their heads and see Tessa standing in the doorway with a baseball bat.

Sami manages to get the bat off her, and they brawl. She picks up a broken bottle and threatens to smash him with it, but Jake grabs her from behind and holds her arms back. Sami tells her they could have made history .. he would’ve made her famous, but she had to ruin it! Tessa breaks free, grabs the baseball bat and clocks Callihan right in the face with it. The show ends with Tessa looking down on a wounded Sami.

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