The First Interview With IMPACT’s Newest Knockout – Tessa Blanchard
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One of the biggest talking points coming out of Sunday’s huge Redemption event was the debut of a brand new 3rd Generation Knockout. In the middle of Kiera Hogan and Taya Valkyrie‘s match, Tessa Blanchard joined Don Callis and Josh Mathews and put the Knockouts division on notice. But what exactly does Tessa Blanchard want in IMPACT Wrestling? We sat down with her to find out.

“I came to the Knockouts Division because it’s no secret that the past six months or so IMPACT’s been making strides. The hottest free agents out there – Pentagon, Fenix, Brian Cage – IMPACT has locked them down,” Blanchard said when asked why she came to IMPACT. “When it comes to the Knockouts Division, I’m the hottest free agent out there right now!”

Tessa Blanchard has no intention on starting from the bottom. “I’m not looking to work my way up. I feel like I deserve a shot at the Knockouts Championship. On the independent circuit I’ve traveled the world, I’ve won championships, I’ve won tournaments – I’ve defeated some of the best out there so I feel like I am one of the best.”

At Redemption Tessa made her presence known during a match featuring Kiera Hogan and Taya Valkyrie but she has her eyes on a bigger prize. “I’m coming here and I want to be the top dog, I’m going to go after whoever has the Knockouts Championship – and right now that’s Allie. I’ve got my sights set on Allie and if any of the Knockouts get in my way I’ll run right through them.”

The Blanchard name carrier considerable weight in the world of pro wrestling. Tessa’s grandfather Joe Blanchard and father Four Horsemen member Tully Blanchard lend considerable pedigree. “Carrying on the Blanchard name is a huge honor for me because my grandfather, my father and my step-father – they’ve all put a lot into their legacy and for me to carry that on, it’s a lot of weight on my shoulders. I put pressure on myself to be the best and to carry on the Blanchard name with dignity and with pride.”

One thing is for sure, Blanchard isn’t short of confidence. She is certain that with her talent and her legacy she’s destined for gold in the Knockouts division. “These Knockouts, they’re good, they’re talented, they’ve got the look and the charisma and all that but there’s one thing that’s certain – none of them are Tessa Blanchard.”

May 4th, 2018

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