Tessa Blanchard

Name: Tessa Blanchard
Born: July 26, 1995
From: Charlotte, North Carolina
Trained by: George South
Debut: June 13, 2014

Tessa Blanchard is an American professional wrestler currently signed to Impact Wrestling. In the past Blanchard has wrestled for WWE, GFW and Lucha Underground. Blanchard decided to start wrestling around late 2012 to early 2013. Blanchard trained with George South. She began her career on June 13, 2014 at Queens of Combat 2… (MORE)

 Latest T.V Results

Sami Callihan comes to the ring and calls Tessa out, she comes out and gets into the ring. He talks about their match at Slammiversary and that they won their match at Mash up tornament last week. They shake hands and then he smacks her on the bottom with his microphone. She reacts by giving him a magnum.


 Latest Pay-Per-View Results

Sami Callihan defeated Tessa Blanchard at Slammiversary 2019. Sami picked up the win after Tessa mocks him and plants her with The Cactus Special to pickup the victory.


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Slammiversary 2019 Results
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Sami Callihan vs. Tessa Blanchard

Callihan talks smack to Blanchard. Blanchard with forearm shivers. Blanchard ducks a clothesline from Callihan. Blanchard with a double leg takedown. Blanchard transitions into a ground and pound attack. Blanchard with a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Blanchard follows that with SpringBoard Dropkick. Blanchard delivers Two Suicide Dives. Callihan swings Blanchard into the steel guard rail. Callihan hits The Death Valley Driver on the floor. Callihan dumps Blanchard out of the ring. Callihan PowerBombs Blanchard on the ring apron. Blanchard is favoring her back. Callihan stomps on Blanchard’s chest. Callihan tugs on Blanchard’s hair. Callihan punches Blanchard in the back. Callihan goes for The Lawn Dart, but Blanchard lands back on her feet. Blanchard with a Running Cutter. Callihan responds with a Big Boot.

Callihan takes a bow. Callihan stomps on the right ankle of Blanchard. Callihan bodyslams Blanchard. The action spills to the outside. Callihan goes for a PowerBomb, but Blanchard lands back on her feet. Blanchard hits The Cutter on the ramp. Callihan is trying crawl away from Blanchard. Blanchard gets back in the ring at the count of nine. Blanchard is throwing haymakers at Callihan. Callihan wants more punishment. Blanchard with combination forearm strikes. Callihan delivers a gut punch. Blanchard responds with The Samoan Drop. Blanchard with a Spinning DDT for a two count. Blanchard goes for The Buzzsaw, but Callihan blocks it. Callihan hits The Get Out Of Here.

Callihan PowerBombs Blanchard. Callihan locks in The STF. Blanchard crawls to the bottom rope to create separation. Blanchard drops Callihan with a DDT for a two count. Blanchard is mauling Callihan in the corner. Blanchard knocks down the referee. Callihan drills Blanchard with a baseball bat. The second official comes in. Callihan with the cover and Blanchard kicks out. Callihan lays out the replacement referee. Blanchard gives Callihan a taste of his own medicine. Blanchard hits Magnum for a two count. Blanchard locks in The Cripple Cross Face. Callihan with a Cradle PileDriver for a two count. Blanchard mocks Callihan. Callihan plants Blanchard with The Cactus Special to pickup the victory.

Winner: Sami Callihan

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iMPACT/Reality of Wrestling ‘Deep iMPACT’ Results &#...
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AQA vs Hyan vs Su Yung vs Tessa Blanchard.

Blanchard and AQA dump Hyan and Yung out of the ring. Blanchard suplexes AQA. AQA dropkicks Blanchard. AQA rolls up Yung. Yung kicks out and destroys AQA with a palm strike. Hyan Russian leg sweeps Yung. Hyan lands a running knee in the corner. Hyan catches Blanchard sleeping and blasts her with a suicide dive. Yung sentons off the apron onto Hyan. AQA hits a shooting star press to the outside onto everyone. AQA tosses Hyan out of the ring. AQA does a backflip off the top over Blanchard. Hyan pushes AQA off the top. AQA takes a nasty spill to the outside. Hyan catches Blanchard with a running knee strike. Blanchard kicks out. Yung and AQA fight on the outside. Blanchard obliterates Hyan with Magnum for the win.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

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iMPACT ‘Bash At The Brewery’ Results – July 5t...
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Tessa Blanchard, Willie Mack, & Rich Swann vs. Sawyer Fulton, Jake, & Dave Crist

Swann and Fulton begin. They lockup and Fulton shoves him down. Mack tags in and they lock up and Fulton shoves him down. Tessa tags in and Jake joins her. They lockup and Tessa shoves him down. Dave tags in and Tessa shoves him down. Fulton back in and they lock up, Fulton claw slams her down and Jake tags in and takes over. He follows with forearms, but Tessa catches him with a cutter, Mack tags in and tackles Dave down. The arm drag follows, and then a hip toss. Swann tags in for double teams, and the cover gets 2. He follows with kicks, but Jake gets involved allowing Dave to cut off Swann. Jake grounds the action, and then follows with a superkick. Dave tags in and lays the boots to Swann. He follows with strikes and covers for 2. He chokes out Swann in the ropes, Jake tags back in and Fulton joins him as they pummel Swann in the corner. The one-handed claw slam connects and he follows with elbow strikes. Swann fires back, and tags in Mack. He lays in strikes, clothesline and spin kick. He dumps Fulton and Mack follows with a dive. Tessa in and runs wild on the Crists, hits the draping code breaker and covers for 2 as Fulton makes the save. Fulton counters the magnum but Swann hits lethal injection. Standing moonsault by Mack and Dave cuts him off. He DDTs Tessa for 2. Jake lays in a flurry of kicks on Mack, but Tessa cuts him off and lays in strikes. Swann back in and Dave dumps him, attacks Tessa and Swan takes out Jake as Tessa knocks Dave to the mat and the magnum finishes it.

Winners: Tessa Blanchard, Willie Mack, & Rich Swann defeated Sawyer Fulton, Jake, & Dave Crist

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iMPACT Wrestling Results – July 5th, 2019
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Tessa Blanchard shows up to the venue and gets out of the car with a baseball bat. It’s about to get serious, as she looks pissed over how things went down last week.

Sami Callihan is with Jake Crist eating somewhere outside the building. He’s celebrating the win over Tessa Blanchard early. Jake wonders what’s taking Dave so long. Sami explains he told Dave to go put on a movie (The Little Mermaid) in the basement for Fulton. Suddenly, Dave goes flying across the screen and over their food. oVe turn their heads and see Tessa standing in the doorway with a baseball bat.

Sami manages to get the bat off her, and they brawl. She picks up a broken bottle and threatens to smash him with it, but Jake grabs her from behind and holds her arms back. Sami tells her they could have made history .. he would’ve made her famous, but she had to ruin it! Tessa breaks free, grabs the baseball bat and clocks Callihan right in the face with it. The show ends with Tessa looking down on a wounded Sami.

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iMPACT Wrestling Results – June 28th, 2019
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After his match, Sami Callihan is still in the ring. He grabs a mic and says he is over in a way that only a man can be. Callihan says he is tired of this “Knockouts are equal crap”. Callihan demands that Tessa Blanchard come to the ring right now. Tessa comes out and jumps over the ropes, despite Sami holding the ropes open for her. Callihan says if Blanchard wants him to treat her as an equal, he will. Callihan bicycle kicks Blanchard in the chest. She pops back up and hammers away until the rest of oVe run out, allowing Sami to get in a baseball bat shot to the ribs. Tessa spits in his face and receives a Cactus Special to leave her laying.

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iMPACT Wrestling Results – June 21st, 2019
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Tessa Blanchard has had enough with the men’s division, specifically with Glenn Gilbertti and Sami Callihan putting down the Knockout’s division. She wants a match with someone from the oVe family so she can teach them a lesson.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Jake Crist

Blanchard goes for several forearm attacks to Crist. He pushes her to the mat. Blanchard gets up and flies out of the ring, three times. She climbs up onto the ropes to jump on Crist, only for him to superkick her. Fans start to chant “Go Back to Ohio.” Crist backs Blanchard up into the corner and throws a few forearm punches at her. Blanchard fires back with more forearms, Crist turns it around with a submission. After the submission is broken, Crist plants Blanchard to the mat and puts her in a front face lock. He backs her into another corner of the mat, she fights back and is able to get out of the corner. Blanchard lifts Crist up, but he counter attacks by grabbing her near the nose area. Crist then goes for a stomach driver. Fans’ chants start to pick up with “Lets Go Tessa.” Blanchard now on the top role and did her signature move, magnum, which knocked Crist out.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

After the match The rest of oVe come out to the ring. Blanchard is able to escape in time. Sami Callihan picks up Crist and walks over to face Blanchard. She gives him the bring it signal, Callihan gives her the thumbs down.

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iMPACT Wrestling Results – June 14th, 2019
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Sami Callihan barges in to the women’s locker room. Alisha Edwards screams at him to get out, but he spouts equal rights. Tessa Blanchard walks in, and tells Alisha she’s got this. They’re in each other’s faces, as Tessa demands a match for next week. She suggests Callihan bring Jake, and we’ll see who’s better. Sami was hoping she’d say something like that, and accepts the challenge before walking out the door.

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iMPACT Wrestling Results – June 7th, 2019
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oVe (Dave and Jake Crist) vs. Fallah Bahh and Scarlett Bordeaux

Bahh is now in the ring taking care of business with Dave. Even though he had the momentum for a few minutes, Bahh is down and is being thumbed in the eye by Dave. Jake then gets tagged in to continue the beat down on Bahh. Bordeaux is in the corner begging for her partner to just tag her in. Bahh gets on his feet to throw Dave out of the ring. Bordeaux is close for a tag until she gets taken out and falls off the apron. After getting back up, Bordeaux is all over Jake with a tilt-a-whirl flip. Bordeaux then climbs to the top rope to take out the Crist Brothers. Bordeaux is able to reverse and waits for Bahh, she climbs up on the top rope again to hit him with the doomsday device. Dave then throws Bordeaux out of ring to pin Bahh and take the win.

Winners: oVe (Dave and Jake Crist)

Post-Match: The Crist Brothers try to do more damage to Bordeaux, but before they are able to, Tessa Blanchard runs out to Bordeaux’s rescue.

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iMPACT Wrestling Results – May 31st, 2019
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Glenn Gilberti vs. Tessa Blanchard

Before the fight, Gilberti takes the microphone to say that Tessa is one of the most talented women in wrestling but it’s like being the best Philadelphia Flyers player. Tonight he’s going to show Tessa who’s the dad here.

Tessa attacks Glenn directly with forearm shots in the face. Glenn tries to escape but she catches him by the pentalon and gives him a big blow of the forearm in the head putting K.O.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

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